Friday, August 21, 2009


InshaAllah, our official homeschooling journey begins September 8th.

I want to supplement the curriculum with Islamic Studies on our own. I have several books - some owned, some library. No plan, though - no systematic order of progression - and that's what bothers me.

I just realized I have about 2 weeks until the official start date. That SHOULD be enough time for me to get organized if I can buckle down.

MashaAllah, we have a school room. Our toddler has been moved into my son's room, so her room will be our school room inshaAllah.

I have almost all our supplies from the online school - books, materials, loaner computer. I have a couple empty plastic drawers, filing crates & hanging folders. My son's tall bookshelf (filled with random stuff that could be organized elsewhere) I'm thinking about moving into the school room. I haven't decided yet how I'm going to organize all this stuff. I still need to receive the scanner from the online school, and we still don't have a printer. Our budget is pushed to the edge, so my husband said he's going to "do some research" about finding a printer. I know he's not looking forward to having to buy the expensive ink cartridges. We've done without a printer now for about 2 years - maybe 2 1/2. But now that we're starting school at home, I think we're really going to need it.

Especially because I want to supplement with a free Islamic curriculum, if I can find one. And it will probably require lots of printing. I know there's tons and tons of resources out there for Islamic lessons and teachings for your children - but what I'm really looking for, in order to be organized, start simply, and not be overwhelmed, is ONE curriculum. Complete with daily lesson plans and a big picture curriculum goal with directions exactly on how to get there. :)

I know Kinza Academy has an Islamic homeschool curriculum - for purchase. My son does attend a weekend Islamic school. He has some simple books from there, so inshaAllah until I can find the solid curriculum plan I'm looking for I can use those.

I'm being called away now, for a bike ride....

Ramadan Kareem!


  1. Salam alaykum sister. I actually came to your blog to share with you this link I found. And wow I find you have made a post on homeschooling already. I am so happy to see this, mashaAllah. Wallahi you have chosen the right path. Well Mabrook on your journey to homeschool future of this ummah. May Allah grant you success and accept your children as effective leaders of this ummah who will help bring the right and necessary changes that our ummah needs so much. And May Allah also make your children a cause for you two to get AlFirdaus ala3la. anyways
    here is the link( you may find it helpful):

  2. Oh I forgot to tell you, I am your husband Muhammad's friend. and once in the hospital while visiting someone giving birth, when homeschooling came up I was in supportive of that. hopefully that will give it away who I am. if not, I will tell your husband inshaAllah. I saved up another good link. I cant find it now. I will post that later inshaAllah.

  3. and this one you can use them to teach arabic grammar. very nice. poetry to memorize. learning the classic way: the way that our first generations learned. This brother studied in mauritania, the place I talked about when I used to come to study arabic to your husband. here is the link:

    it's the right time for him to study this stuff being in the age he is. he can memorize easily inshaAllah.

    I hope this helps. :)

  4. this site may be helpful too:

  5. Jazakallahkhairan!!

    This site looks great!!