Sunday, July 27, 2014

Eid Sayeed

Eid Sayeed.

One moment of happiness is enough to make your soul open and bloom. One moment of happiness is enough to make everything ok.

A month of fasting is challenging. Particularly in the summer months. Particularly for the faithful fasting around the world enmeshed in war.

There are those known to me and unknown who are suffering. Such is the condition of this world. The suffering will continue in one way or another for all human beings - physically, mentally, emotionally. But if you recognize one moment - maybe this one right now - of happiness, you will melt. Your eyes fill with tears at the bounty, the generosity of something so beautiful as this moment. Although we humans spread darkness and pain, we spread love, too. May at least one moment of joy be unveiled for you, and fill your heart, and make it bloom.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I put my face in the black pool of stars
and hear the roar of waves as I bow down.
All the crawling creatures come to life
blinking their golden eyes
and curling around their columns.
My feet are red from all this walking.
My voice is lost from all this whispering
A language of one. 
My head is full of stories
told over and over again in my blood.