Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Babies Are Hilarious

Just a nice warm fuzzy, here.

I've been reading my latest National Geographic issue (I love that magazine) cover to cover - it's an entire issue on China - a fascinating place. This morning as I read, sipping my coffee, my daughter, a 1-year-old baby, mashaAllah, squatted next to me for 15 minutes, "cleaning" her mini-highchair (I call it her's what we use for her to eat in...a travel-size highchair) with a wad of toilet paper. The toilet paper slowly disintegrated into a few fuzzy puffs as it scrubbed and scrubbed, being ripped and shredded by these furiously working little fists. She worked energetically, complete with her tongue between her teeth, sticking out from the corner of her mouth (for added concentration). Every once in awhile, she would look up at me with sparkly, wide eyes, searching for approval. I would squeal, "Good job!!!" and she went happily back to work.

When she was finally satisfied with her efforts, she put up her arms for me to carry her. As we were exiting the kitchen, I found a raisin on the floor, left-over from her 15-20 minute feast prior, when she was curiously pinching each little raisin clump between tiny forefinger and thumb.

"Here," I said, picking it up. "Have a raisin." (I'm not one to shy away from raisins on the kitchen floor.) She opened her mouth like a baby bird, and I plopped it in, her big cheeks bulging from the sides as she began to chew.

It was a job well done.

MashaAllah. Babies are hilarious. SubhanAllah. :)


  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! mashAllah. She's such a cuddle-bug. such a cutie mashAllah.

  2. awww mashaAllah! my little superhero is 7 months and i cant wait until he can start developing more of his own personality in that matter- or can i... ? lol

  3. Masha'Allah what a good little girl! Cleaning up her area like that. I love this age between 9months to 2 years where they are leanring and exploring the most and everyday is an adventure! They haven't got the 2's attitude problem yet -sometimes we forget they are only 2 when they are throwing their little weight around... Heh i love the tongue action I used to do taht as a kid too. Cartwheels with a tongue out is not a good She sounds so happy to be doing things to please you and herself masha'Allah.