Monday, March 24, 2008

Building An Islamic Environment?

Here's a question for all you "droves" of readers: ;)

Practically speaking, how do I create a more Islamic environment at home? What should I be doing more of? Less of? Do you designate "Islamic" activities vs. "other" activities?


Organic-Muslimah said...
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aischa said...

-Turn off the TV
-Do more outside, or work with animals or plants (house plans, yard work, parks, chickens, etc... what ever you can manage)--nature is such a good way to contemplate or appreciate Allah's bounty and wisdom
-Kindness to all your neighbors, do not hide in your house all day. Get to know your non-muslim neighbors and be friendly.
-Good hostessing skills/adab---makes a huge impact on your guests. This is something I did not grow up learning, but think is really a nice and impressive skill.

Mumina said...

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Kris said...

I am not sure how to create an Islamic environment per se, but I really like your blog!
I think if we are constantly evaluating what we do and try to catch things as they come up that will definitely help with the islamic environment.
I also want to be one of those people whose kids love Allah and respect the sunnah, so inshallah we can accomplish this.

American Muslima Writer said...

Something my Candian friend taught me while iw as here was the act of role-playing Islamic manners and ideals. Like we used the hadith about (paraphrasing sorry) if you ask to enter (knocking yani) at a person's door and no one answers and you should go away instead of bothering them if they are sleeping or don't want guests. SO we had the kids go to another room and the first time they knocked we invited them in for pretend tea and played perfect hosting but the seond time they knocked we pretended to slepe and after three times they went away and sat on the couch together...things like that. It really sticks with them too when you act it out. SUbhan'Allah. Aslo in my BACK posts I wrote about my Peaceful Room that I dream of for having an islamic environment. I still dream of it but my husband' sadly isn't on the bandwagon yet to be more simple.... sigh
TV had to go in my house. Too much bad things and not worth the good things. It's better they learn from you and nature itself than through tv even discovery channel. The other ideas posted are very good. I started around 2.6 years to teach my daughter "WHo made the stars, sun, moon sky, people, baba, mama etc... then answer ALLAH!" then as she got older i changed the word made to created so she knows they mean nearly the same thing. It's good for them to be aware that everything around them was Created by Allah and it gives them a new look on things. SOmetimes she looks up at the staars and says "WHo Created the stars? Allah." You can take it as far as yo wish to go depending on your own style of comfort about subjects. Also maybe you can order books on islam for children.
I have a hajj decoration of a Kabba hanging 24/7 from my ceiling just to remind everyone a symbol of Islam that is recognisable. Even my babay boy knows it. I say where is kabba and let him touch it and play with it and he loves it so much.